Dildeep and Mooly Have a Busy Day

Dildeep and Mooly Have a Busy Day

Dildeep and Mooly are brother and sister.  They are little, and a bit bigger.  Dildeep is a bit bigger.  He can nearly reach the pedals in Daddy’s car.  He likes Daddy’s car.

One hot day Dildeep said to Mooly “We should do something nice for Daddy.  Daddy works hard all day so that Mummy can sit around drinking coffee with her friends.”  Dildeep knows this because he has heard Daddy tell Mummy.  Often.

“I know,” says Mooly, “we can clean Daddy’s car while he’s at work.”  Dildeep thinks this is a very good idea.  Daddy goes to work by something called The 7.49 and never has time to clean his car.  Busy Daddy.

The car is on the drive because the garage is full of something that will come in handy one day.  It has been there a long time.  Mummy is waiting for the pigs that can fly to collect it.  Dildeep is looking forward to seeing this, very much.

Mooly gets her special bucket, the red and yellow one for the beach, and fills it with water from the garden pond.  It is a nice pond. It has frogs in it.  And goldy fish.  Dildeep thinks she is silly.  “That will take too long.  We should use the hose”.

The hose has a sprinkly thing on it, for watering the grass, but neither Dildeep nor Mooly know how to take it off.  Mooly says “I know, we can put the sprinkly thing on top of the car, and then it will be like rain.  Daddy’s car will soon be wet and then we can wash it.”

Dildeep cannot quite reach the top of the car, but manages to push the sprinkly thing onto the roof with the garden rake.  Clever Dildeep.  He tells Mooly to turn on the tap, and then get some soap.  Mooly is not tall enough for the kitchen sink, but she can reach the bath.  Nice bubbles.  Daddy’s car will smell of lavender.  He will like that.

Dildeep goes to the kitchen.  He can reach the scrubby thing that makes the saucepans shine so bright.  “That will clean the dirt off nicely,” thinks Dildeep.  While he is in the kitchen, Mummy comes in and suggests, as it is such a nice day, that they go to the park with a picnic lunch.  Dildeep says “After we have made a surprise for Daddy,” and Mummy says “Alright, I’ll start making the sandwiches and the drinks – but don’t be long.”  Dildeep says “Take off the crusts, I don’t like the crusts.”  Mummy knows this.

Outside, Mooly is already soaping the car, but the sprinkly thing is not making the car very wet after all.  “Never mind,” she thinks, “I’ll use the water from the pond.”  See the frogs in the pretty bubbles.  They go all orange when Mooly rubs them.  They make pretty patterns in the purple bubbles.  Dildeep begins to scrub too.  Daddy’s car is very dirty so Dildeep has to rub really hard.  Soon Daddy’s car is lovely and shiny, especially the bits that Dildeep can reach.

Mummy calls from the kitchen that the picnic is ready, and to come in as they have to go the back way to the park.  Dildeep tells Mooly to throw the rest of her bucket of water over the car and to leave the sprinkly thing on, to finish rinsing the bubbles off.  Off they go, hop and skip; what happy children they are.

After the picnic Mummy, Dildeep and Mooly come back by the same way to the house, and Mummy sends them upstairs to wash, so that they will be lovely and clean for Daddy when he comes home.  The water runs into the bath very slowly, and Dildeep remembers the hose.  He turns off the tap, but cannot reach the sprinkly thing because it is inside Daddy’s car, with Mooly’s goldy fish:  Daddy has left the sun-roof open.

When he comes home he is very excited about his nice clean car, and Dildeep and Mooly learn lots of new words.

When Mummy comes to tuck them in, Dildeep asks “What’s a vasectomy?”

© Andrew Gold 2007