“May contain scenes of…..”

Do you watch the BBC TV drama “The Night Manager”?  Terrific stuff, but before the last episode the BEEB gave one of their increasingly stupid Health and Safety Warnings.  “..contains sex scenes and scenes of violence that viewers may find upsetting.”  I was amused that they differentiated between offence caused to viewers of sex as opposed to viewers of violence: in fact amused enough to ‘freewheel’ on warnings that might apply to other output of the BEEB.

“Contains scenes of pointless expenditure of licence payer’s money……(Top Gear, anything with Ant and Dec in, anything with the word ‘Extreme’ in the title)”

“Contains scenes of shameless political evasiveness…(The Andrew Marr Show).

“Contains items of trivial, lowest common denominator, lazily reported news…(BBC Breakfast)

Join in!  Any suggestions (other broadcasters than BBC are available) welcome.