Anakin Landwalker and Princess Padme-on-the-Bottom

Anakin Landwalker and Princess Padme-on-the-Bottom Go into Space

 Anakin Landwalker and Princess Padme-on-the-Bottom are little and a bit bigger.

Princess Padme (for short) is little and Anakin is a bit bigger.

Anakin has a light sabre and Padme has a gun.  The gun goes pop and the light sabre goes whizz.  They are very scary and very dangerous.

One day Anakin and Padme decide to go into space.  They are going to Jupiter.  It is very far away and it is very dark in space.  They have to take some sandwiches, made of ham and white bread with the crusts on.  And some space lemonade (without bubbles so that they don’t blow up). They take a torch and a box of matches and a candle to see by.  Their mummies don’t let them play with matches but they take them anyway.  Naughty.

To get into space they have to catch the number 49 spacecraft.  They wait a long time for the number 49 to come and then three come along together.  It is usually like this.

On the spacecraft they have their sandwiches.  They keep floating away, so Padme has a bright idea and ties them down with her hair band.

After dinner they look out of the window and see another spacecraft.  It looked oval from the top but when it turned over it was round.  This was very interesting so they decided to go across and see what it was like inside.  They put on their spacesuits (Padme wore a space skirt with frilly edges and pink patches).  The strange spacecraft was locked, so they had to break in.  Anakin says “I’ll use my light sabre to make a hole in the side.”  Padme is worried that they will get into trouble for doing this, so she takes out her gun and fires it at the spacecraft’s door.  Pop. It breaks open.  That’s a surprise isn’t it?  Padme thinks that if they get into trouble that she will say it was Anakin’s idea.  Clever Padme.

They didn’t know that Darth Moll was watching them from the top of the round spacecraft with some Battle Dudes.  The Battle Dudes have guns and baggy shorts.  They like surfing.

Darth Moll has two light sabres stuck together with glue so that he can twizzle them like a windmill.  He jumps out and twizzles.

Anakin takes out his light sabre and twizzles back at Darth.  They bash away for ages.  Padme’s gun has run out of space bullets so she has to bash the Battle Dudes with her gun and her handbag.

Padme’s bag catches in the battle Dudes shorts and they fall down.  The Battle Dudes run away in embarrassment leaving Darth Moll without any help, so in his desperation he twizzles so hard that he cuts himself in half.  What a mess.  He was never heard of again.

Anakin and Padme go back to the number 49 but the conductor won’t let them on with mess all over their spacesuits and half-eaten ham sandwiches.  They have to wait for the number 48 and they are so late getting to Jupiter that they have to come back right away, to be in time for their mummies coming back from work.

When their mummies come home they ask “Where have you been today?  Have you been good?”  Anakin and Padme say “Yes.  We have been here all day.  We haven’t been out at all.”

Do you think this was true?  Will they get into trouble for telling fibs?  Watch next week for more exciting adventures.

For, and with the help of , Dylan and Millie Glover aged 7 and 4

August 2009