BBC ‘Autmn Watch’ and Chopping Down Trees

I was watching the BEEB the other night: ‘Autumn Watch’ broadcast all this week from the Aigas Field Centre, which is not a million miles from here.  The presenters enthused about the rare and secretive otters and pine martens, and the even rarer red squirrel, all of which we see here too.  It occurred to me, though, that large scale  ‘harvesting’ of commercial forest, also going on round us, must have a drastic effect on the habitat of these creatures.  Does anyone else join the dots, or is it just me?


A breath of fresh air?

I don’t suppose anyone thought that banning smoking in enclosed public spaces would mean that the only place you are guaranteed to get smoke-free air is inside said public building: no longer can you nip outside for a “breath of fresh air” because many public buildings have to be approached through a haze of passive smoke.

Amongst the worst places for that are airports because people are often there for hours, and one of the worst of those, in my experience, is Luton because the ‘gauntlet’ there is a long  ‘L’ shape and a good walk from the buses and car-parks.  I can’t hold my breath that long, not walking and towing a case, anyway.