Thank you Lord (gospel)

Verse 1

Thank you Lord for a helping hand

Even tho’ I didn’t understand

 It was you who bound my wounds

 I felt peace in the calm I found


I Thank you Lord; Thank, thank you Lord

WE Thank you Lord; Thank, thank you Lord

Verse 2

You lifted me when I was down

 Bore me up when I thought I would drown

Tho’ I would kneel you helped me stand

 Thank you Lord for your helping hand

Verse 3

 Turned inside my deepest sorrow

 Couldn’t see a sunny tomorrow

 But for you I would be lost

 my wounded pride the pointless cost


Thank you Lord; Thank, thank you Lord

I thank you Lord; Thank, thank you Lord

 Verse 4               

Now I know the sweet surrender

 When I gave my stubborn will away

 Your care so safe and tender

 Helps me thro’ another hard day

Verse 5

Here I am in the promised land

By my side, I know you stand

 It is you who heals my wounds

 Your Grace is the calm I have found


Praise you Lord;

Thank, Thank you Lord

Love you Lord,

Thank, Thank you Lord

Praise the Lord.

Thank you Lord

(Repeats as required)

© Andrew Gold October 2005

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