Happy New Year – Keep the faith

Hi all

Happy New Year to you, my reader.

Sorry I’ve been off line for a while – staying away from home in a place without internet access.  I just wanted to post a progress report on my treatment, which has now been going for 6 full weeks (week 7 starts tomorrow).  I’m on the ‘triple ABx’ protocol: Azithromycin and Amoxycillin 4 days a week and Tinidazole on the other three.  My doctor consulted with a doctor in England and the suggestion was that I stick with this for 8 weeks and, if without symptoms by then, to end after 12.  The side effects have been (so far, touch wood) very mild: I’ve not had much ‘herxing’ nor upset tummy.  The most persistent has been occasional bouts of oral candidiasis, but even that hasn’t been unmanageable.  I’m much improved and feel like I’m getting my life back at last.  Many symptoms have reduced to ‘not bothersome’, while others have stopped.  With only 2 weeks to go (to the 8 week threshold) I suspect I’ll be going beyond 12, but maybe not as long as the 24 weeks endured by the doctor in England.

I found my GP open to reading papers, including another doctor’s piece in the BMJ last year, so keep the faith if you are having trouble with your GP.