Dildeep and Mooly Visit the Shops

Dildeep and Mooly visit the shops.

Dildeep and Mooly are little and a bit bigger.  Mooly is little and Dildeep is a bit bigger.  Dildeep can nearly reach the kitchen taps.  Mooly has to stand on a stool.

One morning, their Mummy says they are all going to the shops: after breakfast, after Daddy has gone to work.

“I want toast” says Dildeep, “with the crusts off.  I don’t like crusts”.  Mummy knows this.  “What would you like on your toast?”

“I don’t want toast, I want cer-re-ral” says Mooly, rather loudly.  She has her bottom lip sticking out.  “Yes”, says Mummy “but I was asking Dildeep.  And it is more polite to say ‘may I have’, and ‘please’, and not ‘I want’”.

Dildeep says. “May I have, and please, not I want, jam.  May I want strawberry jam?”  While Mummy is putting jam on Dildeep’s toast she speaks to Mooly.  “Now, you would like cereal, yes?” “Yes I want ce-re-ral with milk and jam.  And toast.  And chips”.  Mooly likes chips.

Mooly and Dildeep go to the table.  Dildeep can reach but Mooly has to kneel on a chair.  She has cereal, but not chips, all down her arm and her pyjama sleeves are soggy.  “Oh, Mooly”, says Mummy, “look at your pyjamas, they are all milky!”  Mooly sucks the milk off her sleeve and grins.  She wipes her mouth on her other sleeve, just to make sure.  Mummy sighs.  Dildeep is making a dinosaur with his toast.  Mooly says “Mummy, look; Dildeep is playing with his food!”.  Mooly likes to get Dildeep into trouble sometimes.  “Dildeep makes a fierce roaring sound and bites his toast in half.  “Don’t play with your food Dildeep”, says Mummy.  Dildeep says “I’m not playing – I’m a Toastosaurus”.  Mummy says “Yes dear” and takes her tablet.

Daddy comes in from the bathroom.  He has been getting ready for work.  Daddy is very important .  Mummy says he’s a merchant banker but he doesn’t work in an actual bank. He wears a suit and tie.  He would rather wear jeans but Daddy’s boss doesn’t like jeans at the office, except on Friday.  Friday is the boss’s secretary.  He says “Sorry dear, I am late, no time for breakfast – I have a meeting. I’ll get something at the station”.  Really he is afraid Mooly will spray him with her ce-re-ral.  He kisses Dildeep and Mooly and Mummy goodbye, and sets off.  He has a toast dinosaur stuck to his elbow. Poor Daddy.

After breakfast Dildeep and Mooly get dressed to go to the shops.  “Please may I, can I, not want, to wear my Spiderman outfit?” says Dildeep.  “I don’t think Spiderman is quite the thing for the number 49 bus or Sainsbury’s”, says Mummy, “Why not wear shorts and shirt, it’s such a sunny day?”.  “Dildeep is very pleased.  “OK” he says “I can do it myself.”

Mooly wants to wear her denim overalls with the pink patches and love hearts.  She likes pink and pretty.  She also wants to wear Wellingtons and a woolly hat.  Mooly is not old enough to co-ordinate.  “I think you had better put on your sandals, and you don’t really need a woolly hat on such a nice day”, says Mummy.  “OK” says Mooly “I can do it myself.”

Mooly and Dildeep come to the door.  Dildeep is wearing his Arsenal strip and football boots.  Mooly has on a pair of flip-flops and a Paddington Bear hat.  Mummy sighs.

On the bus Mooly asks, in a loud voice, “Do very fat people pay for two seats, Mummy?”  Mummy says “let’s get off and walk from here, I’ve just remembered I need to go to the post office.”  When they are in the queue at the Post Office they stand next to a very nice lady in a long black dress and large funny white hat. “What’s a grobsite, Mummy? says Mooly.  “That man on the bus said I was a little grobsite.  That was nice of him wasn’t it?  I want to be a big grobsite when I grow up.”  Mummy sees the lady in the black dress is mumbling and playing with some beads and a cross.  Dildeep asks Mummy “Is that lady in fancy dress Mummy?”

Soon they are at the shops.  Mummy asks Dildeep to push Mooly around the shop in the big basket while she goes to get some Cod. “Whee…..faster, faster”, says Mooly.  Mummy hears the crash really quite well from the fish counter.  Mooly is still in the basket, with lots of packets of something called ‘reduced offer’.  Dildeep’s football boots are sticking out of a pile of empty boxes, but the rest of him is head first in the chilled meats.  Poor Mummy; but the shop manager is really quite nice after she gives him lots of money.  He even gives Mooly a biscuit.  It has a name printed on it.  Bonio.  That’s a nice name isn’t it?

When they get out of the Police car, Mummy is very quiet.  Dildeep asks “What’s a care order Mummy?”  Mooly says “What’s medication Mummy?

Mummy sighs.


© Andrew Gold 2007