Migration – an unstoppable tide?

Thousands of economic and political migrants have been casting themselves into the Mediterranean Sea, aided and abetted by ruthless criminal human traffickers.  many, though only God knows just how many, disappear.  This week we have been treated to the absurd spectacle of some of those that survive trying to get across the English Channel.  The British Government is standing on our side of the channel holding out it’s hands, Canute-like, and concentrating its efforts at control on the few recognised points of entry and departure: the channel tunnel and the ferry ports.

Given the desperation of the migrants, and the opportunism of the criminal traffickers, how long will it be before we see boat loads of people setting off from the nearer shores of continental Europe and chancing their arm to reach our unprotected coast?  Not long, I would guess, and how many will die in the attempt to cross one of the busiest seaways in the world?