A trip to the Neurologist

After two short-lived, but intensely painful, cramps (adductors) I went to my GP who referred me to a neurologist.  The intention was to assess and perhaps investigate whether there was any permanent damage to nerves caused by the Lyme.  Between my appointment with the GP and actually getting to see the neurologist I must say I seemed to improve, both specifically and generally, so it was a bit of a non-event, although he did appear to listen and he offered a lumbar puncture, and/or repeat serology.  Now, I know that both of these would be unlikely to do other than show I had, at one time or another, been infected by borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) and, in the case of the lumbar puncture, are not risk free procedures, so I declined.

I asked him about the occasional twitching of my abdomen, not unlike a 6 month old foetus kicking: “I think it is most likely referred or actual pulsing of your abdominal aorta”.  I couldn’t be bothered to argue about this, but the plain fact is that I twitch elsewhere from time to time and none of it is synchronous with my cardiac pulsing.

In the end we decided to watch and wait, and do a full blood screen for ‘everything including a malfunctioning thyroid’.  This is highly likely to identify borderline (one side of the border or the other) Type 2 Diabetes!   Q.E.D you don’t have chronic Lyme Mr Gold.  The official line is intact, Public Health England can rest easy.

The blood test results showed absolutely…nothing; my GP is so reassured she hasn’t even ‘phoned for a follow-up consultation.