“It wasn’t me, gov”

In 2010 the UK general election resulted in a minority party leading a coalition government.  Four years on we still hear, day and daily, that every ill that besets every facet of our national life is the fault of the previous government.  Don’t Cameron, Osborne and Co, realise how empty and fatuous it sounds to preface EVERY statement to the press and public with “We inherited (such a mess)…..” – in other words it’s not their fault.  Maybe they think that if they repeat it often enough it will stick in our collective mind as incontestible truth, just as the continual coupling of Sinn Fein and IRA by the Unionist politicians in Northern Ireland did.  Do they really think we are that stupid?  When do they propose to draw a line and say “that was then, and this is now: we did this (and it did or did not work)”.  They’ve had four years to own up; it’s only a year or so to the next general election so it seems like they could reasonably start now.

As a P.S. – I saw Osborne on the Andrew Marr Show today (Sunday 1st December) and AM asked him about the management’s new plan to roll back some ‘green’ levys on energy bills.  “Well, we inherited this system……..blah blah blah. Merchant Bankers, the lot of them.