Adulteration of food for profit

Horse burger anyone?  I for one am not surprised that some pre-prepared foods don’t contain what they purport to.  Any industry (and food is a multi-billion £/$ industry) that is susceptible to fraud will suffer fraud, the ‘crims’ will try anything.   I wonder how far this might go: any foodstuff which contains a high value component is at risk of having part, or all, of that component substituted by a similar, lower value, component.  How sure are you that your tuna mayo sandwich is really all tuna, and not part mackerel, or that the mayo really is mayonnaise?

What is more disturbing is that we seem to have learned little from the BSE crisis.The  answer must be buying, or growing, your own ingredients and cooking your own food.


PS I wrote to the Food Standards Agency about the testing of other foods; they said, in effect, that they don’t have the resources to test anything but the high risk items and were concentration on the beef issue for now.